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SPE Meets With the Myanmar Ministry of Energy

SPE delegates met with representatives of the Myanmar Ministry of Energy and the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) in Yangon in September. Among the items discussed were the potential for establishing an SPE section in Myanmar, and how the technical interests of MOGE could be served by SPE’s technical resources. Seven companies operating in the southeast Asian country—Schlumberger, Petronas, MPRL E&P, Daewoo E&P, Total E&P, Halliburton, and PTT Exploration and Production—pledged to sponsor 50, 2-year professional SPE memberships to employees of MOGE.

2013 Outstanding Technical Editor Awards

Every year, SPE recognizes members who have made an exceptional effort to ensure the technical excellence of the Society’s peer-reviewed journals. For their contributions, the following individuals are recipients of the 2013 Outstanding Technical Editor Award.

Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

Dennis Beliveau, Consultant
Hamed Darabi, University of Texas at Austin
Swapan Das, Marathon Oil
Vahid Dehdari, University of Alberta
Malcolm Greaves, University of Bath
Erdal Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
Duilio Raffa, Suncor Energy
Johan van Dorp, Shell Canada

SPE Drilling & Completion

Adrian Adams, Nexen Petroleum UK
Ramadan Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
Mark Brinsden, Shell
John Cook, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
David Curry, Baker Hughes
Dave Marshall, Baker Hughes
Evren Ozbayoglu, University of Tulsa
Frederic Santarelli, Geomec
Jibin Shi, Schlumberger

SPE Journal

Alexandre Emerick, Petrobras
Ebrahim Fathi, West Virginia University
Eduardo Pereyra, University of Tulsa
Thomas von Schroeter, BP
Shugang Wang, Chevron
Fengshou Zhang, Itasca Houston
Yifan Zhou, Chevron

SPE Economics & Management

Amin Ettehad, University of Texas at Austin
Gurcan Gulen, University of Texas at Austin
Thomas Harding, Nexen
Joyce Holtzclaw, E&B Natural Resources
Anthony Kenck, Chevron
Faisal Khan, Energy Resources Conservation Board (Alberta)
Jennifer Miskimins, Barree & Associates
Glenn Olowojaiye, Gush Energy Services
Lyndon Pittinger, Consultant
Mohit Singh, Goldman Sachs

SPE Production & Operations

Surendra Bateja, Oil and Natural Gas
Yiyan Chen, Schlumberger
Nikita Chugunov, Schlumberger
Wayne Frenier, Frenier Chemistry
Florian Hollaender, Schlumberger
Richard Hutchins, Schlumberger
Lingling Li, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
Bernhard Lungwitz, Schlumberger
Jennifer Miskimins, Barree & Associates
Randall Seright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Mohammad Tabatabaei, Marathon Oil
Keita Yoshioka, Chevron

Oil and Gas Facilities

Umit Cicekli, AMEC
Richard Faulkner, Mack Energy
Martin Kempf, CD-adapco

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering

Anil Ambastha, Chevron Nigeria
Subhash Ayirala, Saudi Arabian Oil
Edward Clerke, Saudi Aramco
Peter Clifford, BP
Thomas Harding, Nexen
Byron Haynes, Shell
Kes Heffer, Heriot-Watt University
Robert Hite, Blue Ridge PTA
Matt Honarpour, Hess
Alan Johnson, Shell UK
Shah Kabir, Hess
Hosein Kalaei, ConocoPhillips
Alana Leahy-Dios, ExxonMobil
Geoffrey Page, Baker Hughes
Jesus Salazar, ConocoPhillips
Christopher Skelt, Chevron
Chengwu Yuan, BP

SPE Honors Peer Reviewers of Technical Papers

SPE created the A Peer Apart program to recognize dedicated individuals who have been involved in the peer review of 100 or more technical papers. Members who commit their time to review papers make substantial contributions to the industry’s literature by helping to ensure that the papers published in SPE’s technical journals are of the highest quality. Over time, these individuals volunteer hundreds of hours to the Society, making SPE journals a valuable resource for the industry.

This year, six individuals join the elite group of those who have reached the milestone of reviewing 100 or more technical papers—bringing the total membership of A Peer Apart to 123 dedicated members.

Tayfun Babadagli, University of Alberta
Glen Benge, Benge Consulting
James N. Collins, ConocoPhillips
Stephen A. Holditch, S.A. Holditch & Associates
Frank Koch, Koch Decisions
Randall S. Seright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology