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Joe GeageaJOE GEAGEA, SPE, was promoted to senior vice president of technology, projects, and services at Chevron, effective 1 January 2014. He will lead a new organization composed of energy and information technology, capital projects management, procurement, upstream production services, and workforce development organizations. Geagea, who joined Chevron in 1982, has held positions in the company’s upstream, midstream, and downstream areas. He is currently president of Chevron Gas and Midstream, and previously was managing director of the Asia South upstream business unit and president of the company’s downstream operations in East Africa, the Middle East, and Pakistan. Geagea earned BS and MS degrees in civil engineering from the University of Illinois.

John WalshJOHN WALSH, SPE, was appointed director of technical water treatment at Cetco Energy Services. Walsh will spearhead the ORCA (Objectivity through Root Cause Analysis) consulting services group, providing troubleshooting and technical services to its customers worldwide. As a technical expert, he will also provide in-house support to the technical group within Cetco worldwide. Walsh has nearly 30 years of experience in water treatment. Before joining the company, he held the position of global subject matter expert for water treating at Shell where he provided troubleshooting, operational, design, and water management support. Walsh is a member of the Editorial Board of SPE’s Oil and Gas Facilities magazine. He earned a PhD in chemical engineering from John Hopkins University.

J. Michael YeagerJ. MICHAEL YEAGER, SPE, was appointed chief executive officer and executive chairman of Maverick Drilling and Exploration. Before joining the company, Yeager served for more than 7 years as chief executive of BHP Billiton Petroleum’s global oil and gas business, and 26 years at ExxonMobil in various roles, including vice president at ExxonMobil Development; vice president at ExxonMobil Production; and senior vice president at Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil’s Canadian affiliate. He is on the board of the American Exploration and Production Council and is a director of the Spindletop Association. He holds a BS degree from the US Naval Academy and an MS degree from the University of Southern California.

Member Deaths

C.A. Adams, The Woodlands, Texas, USA
John A. Bailey, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
G. Jack Benge, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA
Patrick H. Cain, Round Rock, Texas, USA
Alva G. Comer, Cushing, Oklahoma, USA
Benjamin C. Craft Jr., Houston, Texas, USA
John K. Crane, Traverse City, Michigan, USA
James J. Curry Jr., Spring, Texas, USA
Rageb B. Dajani, Spring, Texas, USA
John B. Dorsey, San Angelo, Texas, USA
Joe E. Eskew, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Hans D. Fuhrberg, Münster, Germany
George F. Goodwin, Bloomfield, Indiana, USA
James H. Henderson, Houston, Texas, USA
R.A. Holmes, Amarillo, Texas, USA
Halcombe A. Kendall, Houston, Texas, USA
John E. Kirby Jr., Georgetown, Texas, USA
Robert M. Lane Jr., Montgomery, Texas, USA
Arthur J. LeBreton Sr., Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
William W. Lowry, Sugar Land, Texas, USA
Robert Kelly McElhaney, Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Edward M. McGuire, Houston, Texas, USA
Craig Meyers, Wassenaar, Netherlands
Roy K. Murdock, McLean, Virginia, USA
Billy T. Nelson, Kingwood, Texas, USA
Sidney A. Parkans, Overland Park, Kansas, USA
John Gabriel Redic, Oakmont, Pennsylvania, USA
Allen H. Rubbert, Bakersfield, California, USA
James W. Tucker, Houston, Texas, USA
Jerry P. Watson, Hurst, Texas, USA
Joseph H. Wellborn, Stigler, Oklahoma, USA
E.C. Wells Jr., San Antonio, Texas, USA
E.J. Wictor, La Puente, California, USA
Robert Willborn, Huntsville, Texas, USA
R.K. Winters, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

In Memoriam

Carl Wiseheart Sherman, who held prominent positions in engineering, academia, and government, and was a former chair of the SPE Illinois Basin Section, died 5 August 2013. He was 90.

A resident of State College, Pennsylvania, Sherman worked as a drilling and production engineer in Louisiana after receiving a BS degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He later received an MS degree from the school. For the next 25 years, he held various engineering and management positions in major and independent oil companies, and was head of the Petroleum Engineering Section of the Illinois Geological Survey, the first director of the New York State Division of Oil and Gas, and was a partner in Energy Storage Ventures. He also served as a state representative to the Interstate Oil Compact Commission and chaired the SPE Illinois Basin Section. He was later inducted into the SPE Legion of Honor, recognizing 50 years of consecutive membership.

In 1976, Sherman returned to State College, where he accepted a position as associate professor in Penn State’s engineering program. He retired in 1988.