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Your SPE member profile contains your email preferences and areas of technical interest. This information helps us determine which communications you receive throughout the year. If you move or change jobs, be sure to update your profile. Use your email and password to log in.

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Technical Disciplines

SPE organizes our activities around seven primary disciplines with programs and events tailored to each one. Our technical discipline classifications offer a way to help you focus on the programs and information of greatest interest to you.

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What's my email address?

To login, use the preferred email address you submitted on your application. If you did not supply a login with your membership application, you won't be able to log onto the website.  Contact Customer Service to have your email address added to your member record.

What's my password?

If you applied online, your password was established at that time. If you submitted a printed application, your password defaults to a system-generated one. You will want to change this to one of your preference.

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Other membership questions

  • What's my member number?Your assigned member number is located on your member card. It is unique to you and serves as the primary identifier of your membership record.
  • Can I change my primary section?Section affiliation can be changed at any time by logging into your member profile. You can choose to belong to additional sections for USD 15.
  • What is my join date?Your continuous years of SPE membership are calculated from your join date. SPE bestows special honors for those who have reached 25, 30, and 50 years of continuous membership. If you were previously a member, you may reinstate your membership from the original join date by contacting customer service.
  • When do I pay dues?Your SPE membership is annual, based on a calendar year of January through December. A dues notice will be mailed to your preferred mailing address by 1 October, and renewal payment must be received by 31 December.
  • How can I print my membership card?To print your membership card, log in to your SPE member profile. Click here to log in.