Faculty Enhancement Travel Grant

This program provides financial support for attendance of university faculty at SPE conferences, workshops and forums. Each region will award USD 8,000 annually, and regional grant recipients will be selected twice a year.


You must be a university faculty member. Student members are not eligible. Preference will be given to

  • Current SPE members   
  • Faculty early in their careers
  • Presenters of technical papers for the event they are seeking to attend
  • Those unable to attend the event without support

To Apply

  1. Complete the online application found at www.wizehive.com/apps/spefacultytravel.
  2. Gather letter of recommendation from Department Head, Dean or senior faculty member.
  3. Submit completed application and letter of recommendation by 15 May and/or 15 November.

If awarded, you must:

  • Complete the Faculty Travel Enhancement Grant Survey.

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U.S. law prohibits provision of certain services to individuals residing in embargoed countries; therefore, not all applicants may be eligible to participate in the Faculty Enhancement Travel Grant program. Read more.