Thrive in a Downturn

Three Strategies To Make Your Next Career Move the Best Ever By Nancy Furbee
It is time to polish those dress shoes and update your résumé. It is time to move on from your current organization and find a place that appreciates you more. After all, you have dreams. You have aspirations. You have a career path you have been following since you graduated high school. It is time for action. But wait! Before you pull up Word to start editing your outdated résumé, follow these three “must do” strategies to ensure success. Read more.

Young Professionals’ Skill Sets for Success
Industry leaders and long-standing SPE members Bob Barba and Lupo Guerrara share their advice to professionals early in their careers that will set them up for success. Read more.

SPE Insurance Program – stays with you even if you change jobs
SPE offers a unique group insurance program designed to meet the unique needs of petroleum engineering professionals Health, life, auto and homeowner insurance programs are available. The programs offer a broad range of reliable and affordable plans.