Director's Blog

July 2014

Sudhir-VasudevaDear Colleagues,

With new Government in place, pace of development activities is picking up in India. A comprehensive National Energy Policy would focus on development of energy related infrastructure, human resource and technology. It is also expected that Government will soon introduce systematic reforms, meaning an end to under-investment and bring in policies which would ease the way for large foreign investments in the oil and gas sector.

India's regional energy foreign policy in South Asia would also transform to develop a regional architecture comprising of energy and trade links to facilitate the ultimate objective of regional energy cooperation, for holistic economic integration and development. This would certainly call for engaging more with South Asian countries to enhance trade and commerce, while integrating energy and environmental goals with each of these countries.

In this backdrop, South Asia region of SPE can play a vital role in bringing new technologies and best global practices through workshops and conferences and linking all stakeholders for creating an energy bridge between these countries.  

It is heartening to share that during August’2014, I plan to formally launch recently approved student chapter in Department of Geology, Presidency University, Kolkata. This chapter would be supported by SPE Kolkata Section, India. I welcome all new members of Presidency University to SPE and would expect them to encourage more students from their institute to join SPE. With this, we shall now have 13 SPE sections and 23 student chapters in South Asia. I am also planning to visit SPE section at Dhaka, Bangladesh during coming days to ensure larger participation of their members in activities of SPE in this region.

Once again I would like to request all section office bearers and SPE members to encourage their fellow colleagues to join SPE to further strengthen South Asia region. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions in my inbox at to improve functioning of this nascent region.

Best wishes,

Sudhir Vasudeva
SPE Regional Director
South Asia