GE Oil & Gas Talks Simplification

By Abdelghani Henni 21 Jul 2014

GE Oil & Gas plans to continue its expansion in technology development and aims to simplify its tools and processes, according to Rami Qasem, chief executive for GE Oil & Gas in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region.

“Our objectives and key strategy for growth focus on technology, globalization, and customers. Today, simplification is critical to our success in all businesses and industries, and it is perfectly in line with our growth strategy,” Qasem told JPT in an interview. “Simplification is about simplifying our tools and processes, i.e., how we do our jobs; it means leaner organization and a strong customer focus. It also means using speed and technology to our advantage,” he added.

GE Oil & Gas provides advanced technologies and services from extraction to transportation to end use, offering advanced and turnkey solutions across the oil and gas supply chain (enhanced oil recovery, industrial power generation, refinery and petrochemicals, and drilling).

Qasem said that his company’s strategy in the Middle East is to use innovative technology to develop its offerings to its customers and maintain the unique positioning that GE Oil & Gas has in the region. “(Our) focus on technology investment and development for oil and gas applications has been consistent and very productive, leveraging the massive capabilities of our global research organization aimed at bringing the best technology from other industries into oil and gas space,” he said. “We invest significant resources and work closely with our customers to create practical, system-based solutions to their most extreme operational challenges,” he added. 

Since 1994, GE Oil & Gas has invested around USD 1 billion to create and expand facilities around the world. “We strive to continually improve our local presence, working closely with our customers while simultaneously strengthening our global supply chain capabilities to enable projects of any size at any location worldwide,” Qasem said. “The GE Advanced Technology & Research Center in Doha is a great example of this in the region; Qatar is one of GE’s hubs for education, technical training, and new product initiative for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.”

In addition to the organic growth, in the last five years GE Oil & Gas has invested more than USD 14 billion acquiring companies with specialty technology that complement its growth strategy. “We will continue to expand our footprints in the region and strengthen our relations with our key regional partners,” Qasem said.

Abdelghani Henni is the Middle East Editor for the Journal of Petroleum Technology.