SPE CUPB Student Chapter Raises Money For Earthquake Victims

On April 26, the CUPB SPE Student Chapter began to raise funds in order to donate to the quake-hit zone Yushu, where the 7.1-magnitude quake claimed the lives of at least 2,064 people, with 12,135 injured and 175 missing. In this activity, students were encouraged to sign to pray for the people affected and donate money to them.
CUPD Photo
Pictures and posters of the earthquake were shown so that the seriousness of the earthquake would be known. Within a day, the students had received 1,564 RMB donations and posted the money to Red Cross Society of China.Through this activity, the CUPB students made the situation of Yushu known to more students and spread their concerns and wishes to the people of Yushu.
CUPD Photo
The students also intend to raise more concerns for the environment.