SPE Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Student Chapter Celebrates 5th Anniversary

“Five years of success. And it only the beginning” is the motto of the SPE Tyumen State Oil and Gas University student chapter. In these five years, a lot has happened: lectures of known lecturers, field trips to companies, social projects, technical meetings and corporate parties.

Tyumen Chapter Photo

At a recent banquet, after a small opening address, 2010 president of the chapter, Aleksey Borisenko, showed a short presentation of all the activities that the chapter has participated in during the last 5 years. The photographs took the members back to those former years and all agreed they’ve enjoyed themselves.
Tyumen Chapter Photo

Aside from students, the chapter also had guests: Michael Karnauhov, managing chair of  gas and gas condensate deposits, a member of SPE who has always supported the chapter’s activities, and Andrey Korotchenko, the first president of the student chapter SPE and currently the president of the professional section. Visitors noticed that student’s chapter constantly grows and gets stronger. Andrey Korotchenko was awarded a congratulatory certificate from the main section of SPE. Aleksey Borisenko received a certificate the chapter had received in 2005 at the  opening of the section from Andrey Korotchenko.

Tyumen Chapter Photo

All members of the chapter and the visitors were awarded congratulatory certificates in honor of the chapter’s fifth anniversary. The banquet ended with tea and questions.

Congratulations, Tyumen chapter, on your 5th anniversary!