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Outstanding Student Chapters Announced

The Outstanding Student Chapter Award (OSC) is presented to the chapters whose programs, activities, and levels of participation during a single academic year distinguish that chapter from others.

2011 Award Recipients

University of Ibadan

UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta

Istanbul Technical University

University of Trinidad and Tobago

NED University of Engineering & Tech

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

Student Chapters that Achieved the Gold Standard, 2011

University of Ibadan
Institute of Management & Technology (IMT)

Malaysia University of Technology (UTM)
UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
University of Petroleum China, Beijing

Istanbul Technical University
TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Latin America
Universidad Industrial De Santander
Universidade Estadual de Campinas
University of Trinidad and Tobago

Middle East
University of Cairo
Indian School of Mines
Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)
NED University of Engineering & Technology
King Saud University
Suez Canal University
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU)
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

North America
University of Oklahoma
Texas A&M University
University of Texas at Austin
University of Tulsa
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Marietta College
University of Calgary

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University


The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award Recipients Announced

The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award recognizes up to three of the best Section YP Committees: most improved, most innovative and overall excellence. The information collected from the award applications identifies best YP practices for circulation across SPE.


Overall Excellence: Gulf Coast Section

Most Innovative: Saudi Arabia Section

Most Improved: London Section


Aberdeen Section


Aberdeen Section


Saudi Arabia Section

SPE Marietta Student Chapter is Chapter of the Month for June!

Yay Marietta College! Your chapter has been selected as the SPE Student Chapter of the Month for June! SPE Marietta College Student Chapter has been a very busy chapter. Some of the students are planning, along with Dr. Chase, Chair of the Marietta College Petroleum Engineering and Geology Department, to attend ATCE in Florence, Italy. Within the last several months, they have: participated in a community service project with the Harvest of Hope; attended a trip to the Unconventional Gas Conference; planned a basketball tournament as a social activity; and completed their only fund raiser, the Marietta SPE Golf Outing. The Golf Outing included five technical presentations on the Marcellus Shale and related technologies.

Marietta Photo

They have successfully initiated a new program called Officers in Training, which utilizes Officers elect, allowing a much smoother regime change. This chapter has increased involvement of students in activities promoting the industry and the Society while promoting a positive image.

Marietta Photo

Congratulations, Marietta College SPE Student Chapter!

SPE Marietta College Student Chapter Launches Officers in Training Program

Marietta College’s SPE Student Chapter has started a new program called Officers in Training. During the last round of Officer elections, the chapter also elected underclassmen (sophomores and freshmen) to be Officers Elect. The Officers Elect for this year will become the new officers in the next election year. This new program should allow for a smoother regime change and help the chapter communicate information to younger students. Great idea, Marietta College!
Marietta Photo
From left to right: Dr. Robert Chase (Petroleum Department Chair), Dean Bendele (Welcoming Committee Chair), Ellen Schott (Secretary Elect), Matt Boothe (Historian Elect), Scott Burnham (Treasurer), Brandon Knight (Historian), Heath Pottymeyer (President Elect), David Johnson (President), Craig Enos (Secretary), Marsha Hupp (Vice President), Matthew Johnson (Treasurer Elect), Not Shown is John Fryman (Vice President Elect)

SPE University of Oklahoma Student Chapter Meet to Discuss SPE and Future Events

SPE University of Oklahoma student chapter’s latest meeting focused, among other things, on the benefits of being a member of SPE, which includes working with other industry professionals, having access to online papers, and the abillity to participate in the SPE paper contest and network with future business partners and coworkers. Continue reading