About RSS and SPE feeds

Since our first posts to SPE Updates in November of 2005, the use of “RSS” for news, blogs and other “feeds” has exploded. “Subscribing” to “feeds” is one way users can keep track of new developments in topics of interest to them. That’s why RSS feeds are a good fit for SPE.

We used to have our own introduction to RSS here, but instead we’re going to send you to an excellent and popular one on the web–Feed 101 at feedburner.com. You’ll find answers to questions like:

  • Why is this a good thing?
  • Who publishes feeds?
  • How do I read feeds?
  • How can I publish my own feeds?

How to use SPE feeds

Once you’ve learned the basics of RSS, there’s only one thing you need to use an RSS feed–the URL (web address). At SPE Updates all available feeds are marked with a feed icon: Feed icon .

  • To subscribe to all posts of all categories, use the large icon next to the title on the home page: Feed icon .
  • To subscribe to the feed of a particular category, use the small icons in the left menu: Feed icon - small .
  • Subscribing to a “parent” category such as Technical Disciplines will give you the posts filed under all of its “child” categories (Drilling, HSE, etc.).

These feeds use RSS 2.0. If need to use an older version (RSS 0.92) instead, its easy to create the URL yourself. Simply add “rss/” to the end of the feed URL. For example, the RSS 2.0 URL for the Sections feed is:

What if I don’t want to use RSS?

Just bookmark this website (http://www.spe.org/now/) or any of the categories, then check back often to access the latest information.