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Dr. Behrooz and SPE-KFUPM Officers Agree Challenges and Opportunities Lie Ahead

“There is so much I want to share,” Dr.Behrooz said during his meeting with SPE-KFUPM officers. “We are going through a bulge of retirement that requires us to ensure that students accelerate their development in an industry where little matters. Also, the demand is increasing and our reserves are declining,” Dr. Behrooz added. In response, Mohammed AlGhazal from KFUPM said: “We are aware that there are plenty of resources, but they are more increasingly difficult to unlock. However, challenges often end up pushing us to be more creative and innovative in the way we work”. Continue reading


SPE Tyumen Student Chapter Organizes a Conference, Meets With Leoben Student Chapter

The 1st International Oil & Gas Forum was organized by Tyumen State Oil & Gas University SPE Student Chapter. Papers were presented by students who were elected to go to “East Meets West” ISTC in Krakow, Poland. In general, young scientists had no experience of participating in such events. They needed to present their papers in English– it was good training before such an important conference in Europe. Continue reading

SPE I-Tech Student Chapter Learns About Career Options at Total Oil

itech_chapterSPE I-Tech student chapter recently participated in a workshop titled Total Oil, which was organized by ITU’s human resources department. A speaker representing Total Oil spoke with the students about potential career paths awaiting them at their company. Current job openings, required skills, and qualifications for employment were discussed at this time.

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