John Walsh

Cetco Energy Services

As a former SPE Technical Director for Projects, Facilities, and Construction (PFC), I invite you to take a look at Oil and Gas Facilities, SPE’s magazine dedicated to our discipline. Oil and Gas Facilities focuses on the projects, systems, and technologies of facilities engineering. Feature articles give timely reports on PFC-related news, technical advances, and people, and each issue of the magazine includes several peer-reviewed technical papers.

The idea for this magazine was born in a 2011 meeting of our PFC Advisory Committee, made up of industry volunteers and SPE staff. We recognized that SPE is providing many good programs in our discipline—workshops, Distinguished Lecturers, conference sessions, study groups, and so on—but many PFC specialists don’t view SPE as their professional home. This magazine, launched in February 2012, helped change that perception.

We also recognized the dramatic increase in complexity and technical challenges facing our discipline. Several years ago, developments such as major offshore projects, deepwater, and subsea tie-backs provided the justification for the PF&C discipline within SPE. Today, new developments have dramatically increased the demands of our discipline—intense IOR/EOR activity, ultra deep water, subsea processing, unconventional gas (fracturing), stranded gas (gas to liquids, floating LNG), sour hydrocarbons, remote locations, harsh environments, water handling issues, etc. SPE, with guidance from industry leaders, is responding to this greater need for technical information and knowledge sharing in our discipline.

I am delighted to be serving alongside some of the most distinguished professionals in our discipline on the Oil and Gas Facilities Editorial Board: Ian Ball, Technology Director, INTECSEA, UK, chairman; Paul Jones, Subsea Manager, Chevron; Kenneth E. Arnold, Senior Technical Advisor, WorleyParsons; Joseph Lee, Director, Process Solutions Group, Process System Division, Cameron; Howard Duhon, Systems Engineering Manager, GATE LLC; Simon Richards, Technical Director, Consultant; and Jim Collins, Principal Development Engineer, ConocoPhillips (Peer-Review Editor)

SPE members who have designated Projects, Facilities, and Construction as their primary or secondary discipline receive Oil and Gas Facilities magazine. Subscriptions are USD 39 per year for SPE members who select other disciplines and USD 175 per year for nonmembers. The first issue may still be viewed for free.

Oil and Gas Facilities is the industry’s most important periodical serving production, facilities, and construction professionals. Subscribe now so that you don’t miss a single issue.



Topics covered

  • Upstream onshore and offshore facilities
  • Newly announced projects/contracts
  • Facilities start-up
  • Follow-up on existing/ongoing projects – unique challenges and solutions
  • Project management
  • Facilities design, construction, and installation
  • Pilot projects
  • Mooring and station keeping
  • Pipelines, flowlines, and risers
  • Flow assurance
  • Processing systems and design
  • Measurement and control
  • Platforms and floating systems
  • Subsea technology
  • Produced-water management
  • Extension of field life
  • Decommissioning
  • Heavy lift
  • Hostile/harsh environments – HP/HT, arctic, etc.
  • LNG/FLNG facilities

OGF Editorial Board

  • Ian Ball, Chairman, INTECSEA, UK
  • John Walsh, Cetco Energy Services
  • Paul Jones, Subsea Manager, Chevron
  • Kenneth E. Arnold, WorleyParsons
  • Joseph Lee, Process System Division, Cameron
  • Howard Duhon, Gate LLC
  • Simon Richards, Consultant
  • Gerald Verbeek, Peer-Review Editor, Verbeek Management Services

Projects, Facilities, and Construction Advisory Group

  • Howard Duhon, Chairman, Gate LLC
  • Abdullaziz Al-Ajaji, Saudi Aramco
  • Felix O. Anikpo, Exterran
  • Kenneth E. Arnold, WorleyParsons
  • David Aron, Petroleum Development Consultants
  • Adam Ballard, BP America
  • John Barnes, Universal Pegasus
  • Murray Burns, Technip USA
  • Mike Choi, ConocoPhillips
  • Jim Collins, ConocoPhillips
  • Simon Davies, Statoil
  • Duane Devall, CETCO Oilfield Services Company
  • Wael F. Ellaithy, Arabian Oil Company
  • Ted Frankiewicz, SPEC Services
  • Wally Georgie, Maxoil Solutions
  • Tom Hewett, Krebs Engineers
  • Robert Hubbard, John M. Campbell
  • Paul Jones, Chevron
  • Sunil Kokal, Saudi Aramco
  • Gene Kouba, Chevron Energy Technology Center
  • Norm McMullen, BP America
  • John Mihm, JCM Consulting Services
  • Shaya Movafaghian, Occidental Petroleum
  • Simon Richards, Consultant
  • John D. Rogers, Fusion Reservoir Engineering
  • Ray (Zhenhua) Rui, Independent Project Analysis
  • Hisham Saadawi, Abu Dhabi Company
  • Jeff Sawchuck, BP
  • Cem Sarica, University of Tulsa
  • Hariprasad J. Subramani, Chevron
  • Hardy Thomas, SBM Atlantia
  • Sally A. Thomas, ConocoPhillips
  • Eric Van Dijk, SBM-Imodco Inc.
  • John Walsh, Cetco Energy Services