SPE New Faculty Research Grant

The SPE New Faculty Research Grant supports innovative research by new faculty related to petroleum engineering. This grant seeks to assist new faculty in training and supervision of graduate students by awarding up to five grants per year in the amount of USD 100,000 during the 2 year grant. In addition, only three grants per year may be made to candidates from the same continent. Faculty must submit new applications for each calendar year (submitted proposals are not eligible for the following grant cycle).

Grant recipients are required to: share their best practices via SPE venues such as webinars and ATCE presentations; submit a mid-term report that evidences research progress to receive the second year of funding; and submit a final report after the research has been completed.

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  • Must be on faculty at a non-profit academic institution that offers a degree in petroleum engineering and has an active SPE student chapter
  • Must be employed full time by the university with less than six years since beginning their academic career
  • Must use all funds exclusively for conducting research related to petroleum engineering
  • Must be an SPE member

To apply

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Complete a statement of academic and professional interest, maximum 1 page
  3. Provide an executive summary of the Technical Proposal, maximum 1 page
  4. Complete a Technical Research Proposal, maximum 5 pages. The proposal should include 1) a statement of problem 2) literature review 3) your proposed research and methodology 4) a description of tasks and timeline 5) technical references and 6) any related figures or tables. This proposal is the basis for the committee to choose award recipients and applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that address one of the R & D grand challenges (refer to JPT May 2011, page 34). The R&D challenges comprise five broad areas:
    • Increasing recovery factors/subsurface coupled processes
    • In-situ molecular manipulation
    • Carbon capture and sequestration
    • Protecting people and the environment; Examples: Produced water management, minimally invasive extraction
    • Transparent Earth: Higher resolution subsurface imaging of hydrocarbons
  5. Include a copy of your CV, maximum 2 pages. Refer to this format for tips.
  6. Provide your budget, maximum 2 pages, and include all direct project costs to be funded by SPE, itemized by:
    • salary, materials, equipment, software, travel, publication etc.
    • non-allowable costs include: overhead/infrastructure fees, fringe
    • benefits, other indirect costs
    • include any in-kind contributions (cash or non-cash) from industry or university sources
  7. Provide a list of 3 references with full contact information, maximum 1 page
  8. Include a list of ongoing research projects, maximum 2 pages.