Star Applicant’s FAQ’s

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When are applications due?

When are the recipients announced?

What is the amount of funding for scholarships and fellowships in my region?

What is my region?

Do I have to study in the region I am awarded the scholarship?

How long does it take to complete the application?

Once I submit my application, can I make further edits and add attachments?

What is the difference between a scholarship and a fellowship?

Where on the online application do I select Scholarship or Fellowship?

What is the most significant portion of the application?

May I use the funds for anything other than university tuition?


Do I have to be a member to apply?

Do I need to be currently enrolled in university in order to apply?

Is the scholarship only for petroleum engineering students?

Am I eligible for both a scholarship and a fellowship?

My university offers a 5-year Master’s program; would I be eligible for a scholarship or fellowship?

I am in my last year of university, am I eligible?

Can I apply for other SPE scholarships or fellowships?

Required Documents

What is a letter of recommendation?

What if the person completing my letter of recommendation does not feel comfortable giving it to me directly?

How many letters of recommendation can I submit?

What if I do not submit a letter of recommendation?

What is a university entrance exam?

My university does not require a university entrance exam. Do I need to take an exam to be considered?

My Entrance Exam results are not in English; does it need an official translation?

Do I need to include a transcript, proof of enrollment, or grades?