Fort Worth Section

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Section Membership Contest 2006

Date Established: 15 October 1952


Mr. Garett G Page, Titan Liner

Chairperson Elect

Mr. Harrison Westmoreland, Atlas Energy LP

Membership Chairperson

Mr. Clint Joseph Luig, Mustang Wireline Services LLC

Program Chairperson

Mr Brad Leonard, ProTechnics


Mr Russell B Hill, Jetta Operating Company Inc


Ms Stephanie M Currie, Double Eagle Energy Holdings LLC

Past Chairperson

Mr Brad Leonard, ProTechnics


Mr. Stephen Henry Neuse, Bass Enterprises Production Co


Ms. Jana L Chester, XTO Energy Inc.


Mr. Collin Strawn, Finley Resources Inc.


Mr Stacy C Newman, ImCooter Data LLC

Scholarship Chairperson

Mr. Jack Alexander Doak, Weatherford

YP Chairperson

Miss Lesley Michelle Hughes, Athlon Energy

Staff Liaison

Mrs. Meda Merritt, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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