Gabon Section

Port-Gentil, Gabon

Section Membership Contest 2003

Date Established: 21 March 1988

Chairperson Elect

Mr. Paterne Edzang Mbot, Assala Energy

Membership Chairperson

Ghislain Boukoubi

Program Chairperson

Mr. Serge Patrick Sima-Ella, Petroleum Development Oman


Gregg Steven Edou Obame, Assala Energy

Past Chairperson

Mr. Jean-Yvon Essiane Essone, Shell Gabon


Mr. Charles Tchen

Communications Chairperson

Mr. Sylvestre Abessolo, Shell Gabon

Scholarship Chairperson

Mrs. Hermelia Hayes, Shell Gabon

Staff Liaison

Ola Davies, SPE Europe Ltd.

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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