Timan-Pechora Section

Ukhta, Russia

President's Award for Section Excellence 2016

President's Award for Section Excellence 2015

President's Award for Section Excellence 2014

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Date Established: 4 October 2009


Mr. Georgy Buslaev, OOO NIPI Nefti I Gaza UGTU

Membership Chairperson

Mr. Roman Urshulyak, NIPI Nefti I Gaza JSC

Program Chairperson

Gennadiy V. Sokhodon, Ukhta State Technical University


Mr. Denis Molokanov, Lukoil Oil Company


Ms. Olga Nikolaevna Volobueva, NIPI Nefti I Gaza JSC

Internet Chairperson

Konstantin V. Rochev, Ukhta State Technical University

Communications Chairperson

Pavel Viktorovich Velmeykin

Mentor Chairperson

Mr. Grigory Gribov

Scholarship Chairperson

Natalia P Demchenko, Ukhta State Technical University

Student Chapter Liaison

Zafar K Yagubov, Ukhta State Technical University

YP Chairperson

Mr Alexander V Salnikov, Ukhta State Technical University

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Yaroslava Orlova, Tatneft

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