Section Membership Contest

The Section Membership Contest motivates and rewards section efforts to recruit and retain members. 

The 2016 contest will run from 1 January through 31 December and the section in each group that meets or exceeds a benchmark goal of at least 85% of previous year-end retention will be rewarded as follows:

  • The section in each group with the highest retention margin will win USD 1,000 and the second place section in each group will win USD 500. 
  • Each winning section will be prominently displayed in the February issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology® magazine (JPT) and the ATCE Preview in the fall. 

Each section is grouped to compete with other sections in similar size.

Group A: 25–299 members
Group B: 300–499 members
Group C: 500–999 members
Group D: 1000+ members

In the event the contest ends in a tie, the decision on a winner will be based on the highest percentage of membership growth. Please note: for a section to qualify, the section must be compliant.