Establish a Section

SPE sections are organized into regions, and each region has representation on the SPE Board of Directors. Any group of SPE members in good standing in a particular area can request to form a new section.

To begin:

  1. Determine that there are at least 25 professional SPE members residing in the geographical area to be encompassed by the new section. The SPE board further recommends that potential membership in the area be at least 50.
  2. Please indicate the headquarters city in which your section will meet. If there are other cities in close proximity to your headquarters in which potential members live, please list these cities. You may not list an entire country or large area as your jurisdiction. If any of these cities of the proposed new section are already included in the jurisdiction of another section, the new geographicsection must obtain a release of this territory from the existing section chairperson.
  3. Conduct an organizational meeting with all interested members and establish a temporary organization, including temporary officers. The SPE sections manager can provide a list of members residing in the area.
  4. The name of the proposed section will be the city where section meetings will be held.
  5. Ensure temporary officers and petitioners are SPE members in good standing; otherwise, an SPE member application form and dues monies must be included.
  6. Submit to

Upon formation of a new section:

SPE will provide the following items:

  • Section charter
  • Section logos
  • Stationary template
  • Grant of USD 5,000 intended to assist the section in beginning operations

By request, the following complimentary items will be supplied:

  • Section website
  • Access to broadcast email


Telephone: +1.972.952.9393
Fax: +1.972.952.9435