PetroBowl® Frequently Asked Questions

Regional Qualifier FAQs

Will our travel and accommodation for the regional qualifier be arranged for us?
No, all teams are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs and arrangements. If teams require financial assistance, we recommend that they approach their student chapter’s sponsoring section and/or local and regional companies who might provide sponsorship.

If we don’t participate in the regional rualifier, can we still register for the PetroBowl championship at ATCE?

All teams who wish to compete at the PetroBowl championship at ATCE must participate in their regional qualifier.

Do all the players need to be from the same student chapter?
Yes, everyone including the 5th alternate player must be current students and members of the SPE student chapter that the team is representing.

What if someone is due to graduate in 2016, does that mean they can’t be on the team?
Not necessarily.  If they are still students at the time of the regional qualifier, they are eligible to participate.  If they then graduate before ATCE, and the team has successfully advanced to the championship contest, they will need to be substituted for another player who is still a student. Because each team can have up to two substitutions between the regional qualifier and the championship, for this reason you cannot have more than two players on the team who will graduate sometime in between the two events.

Championship FAQs

When will I know if our team has qualified? 
First and second place teams from the regional qualifiers will automatically qualify for the championship. The final four teams from the previous year’s championship will also be automatically invited.  All other teams will be selected based on their performance compared with all other participating teams. This decision will be confirmed and reviewed by the PetroBowl Workgroup once the final regional qualifier of the year has been completed.  

How will the bracket for the championship be made up from the regional Qualifiers?
Full details can be found in the rules and regulations document.
What if my team members graduate before the championship?  
All teams who qualify for the championship are only allowed two substitutions from the original team, as stated in the rules and regulations. In the event that all of the team members from the regional qualifier have graduated, only the two substitute players will be able to take part at the championship.

If you have any further questions, you can email the team at

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