2018 PetroBowl® Regional Qualifiers

Organization of the PetroBowl® Regional Qualifiers are planned collaboratively by the Regional Directors who operate within each PetroBowl Super Region.  Each region will select up to 5 teams to represent them at the PetroBowl® Championship at ATCE. In addition to the teams from each region, the first and second place Chapters from the previous year’s Championship are also invited to defend their title. A total of 32 places are available for the 2018 Championship.

Game formats and rules may vary from region to region based on the resources available for each Regional Qualifer. Please make sure to check the specific requirements for the contest you apply for.


Event date

Contest information

Asia Pacific
(Northern Asia Pacific and South Asia and the Pacific SPE Regions)

21 July 2018

Event Venue: China University of Petroleum (East China), No. 66 Chnagjiang West Road, Huangdao District, Qing Dao, China, 255580
Registration Deadline:
20 June 2018
Contact Email:
Event Requirements: 

  1. Teams will consist of no more than five members.
  2. Players participating must be SPE members in good standing and must be students at their chapter at the time of the event.
  3. Please contact us by email to get the registration form.
  4. If a visa is needed to visit China, every team member must email the contact email. An official invitation letter will be offered soon after.
  • We strongly recommend applying for the visa to China as soon as possible if needed, as it might take a period of time.
  • For further information, please contact us by email.

(Sub-Saharan Africa SPE Regions)

Nigeria Contest: 15-17 February 2018

(Separate applications will be available for non-Nigerian Chapters.)

Nigeria Contest

Event Venue: Nile University Abuja, Nigeria
Registration Deadline:
8 January 2018
Contact Email:
Event Requirements:
 For more information visit the event webpage.

Non-Nigerian Applications

For all non-Nigerian Chapters, please email Ola Davies for more information on how to participate in PetroBowl.

(Europe, North Sea and Russia and Caspian SPE Regions)

10-12 April 2018

Event Venue: East Meets West Congress, AGH University, Kraków, Poland
Registration Deadline:
19 March 2018
Contact Email:
Event Requirements:
Full details on how to apply and on the event can be found on the East Meet West Website.

Middle East
(The Middle East and North Africa SPE Regions)

25 April 2018

Event Venue: Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition 2018, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Registration Deadline: 8 March 2018
Contact Email: so@spe-ksa.org 
Event Requirements: 
  1. Non-GCC citizens are required to request a visa (fill in the attachment before the deadline)
  2. Must be compliant SPE Chapters 
  3. Players participating must be SPE members in good standing. 
  4. All players must be students at their chapter at the time of the championship in ATCE 2018
  5. Teams will consist of no more than five members. There will be no degree specific criteria for each team, although it is strongly recommended that teams diversity participants among Bachelor, Master and PhD level to ensure continuity in future years. 
  6. Players must conform to all Sanction Laws. 
  • Teams who do not meet the requirements above, will not be able to participate in the championship. 
  • There will be no funding from SPEI to support the running of regional qualifiers, for students to attend regional qualifiers or to attend the championship. All teams participating on a regional or international level will be expected to fund their own attendance. 
  • The deadline to submit the names of your SPE student chapter is Mar 8, 2018.

North America
(North America and Canada Regions)

21 February 2018

Event Venue: SPE North America Student Symposium 
Registration Deadline:
21 January 2018
Contact Email:
Jill Thomas
Event Requirements:
For more information visit the event webpage

South America and Caribbean
(All South America and Caribbean Regions)

24 June 2018

Event Venue: SPE Trinidad and Tobago Section Energy Resources Conference, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Registration Deadline:
To be confirmed
Contact Email:
Event Requirements:
Each Country in the region will put forward two teams to participate in the Regional Qualifier To find out more about your own Country qualifier please email regprograms@spe.org

The 2018 PetroBowl® Championship will take place during the
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 24 September 2018 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Tips for preparing for the competition

Here is a suggested list of study materials as possible sources of questions:
Academic: Technical, Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering

Non-Academic: Industry Statistics, History, Trivia, Current Events

Any questions, email PetroBowl@spe.org.

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