Mature Fields and Well Revitalization

Syed A. Ali, SPE, Research Advisor, Schlumberger

Revitalizing mature fields embraces multiple objectives, especially maximizing production while minimizing capital expense and reducing the inevitable decline rate and minimizing the operating expense. The collective approach to meet these objectives is application of practical and focused engineering and geology tied with the application of enabling technologies.


EOR Performance and Modeling

Baojun Bai, SPE, Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

In spite of continued investment and advances in exploiting alternative energy sources, oil and natural gas will continue to be a significant portion of US and global energy portfolios for decades. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) uses unconventional
hydrocarbon-recovery methods that target the approximately two-thirds of the oil volume remaining in reservoirs after conventional-recovery methods have been exhausted. Though limited by high capital and operating costs, EOR techniques will have a substantial effect on the future supply of oil.

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