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Technical Director Joseph Ayoub

Welcome to the Drilling and Completion discipline page, your home for news, links to recent articles and events of interest to drilling and completion professionals. Consistent with our society’s mission for collecting and disseminating technical information, this page is intended as a hub giving quick overview of happenings in the Drilling and Completion area. Links to relevant Technical Sections allow quick access for professionals wishing to join communities pursuing special topics such as drilling automation, wellbore positioning, and well integrity. The Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section and Wellbore Positioning Technical Section are now well established and have large vibrant communities. The Well Integrity Technical Section is much more recent, but is gaining momentum.

In a post-Macondo world, well integrity has become a hot topic and many separate events organized by SPE and other organizations have taken place in 2011. One of my goals in 2012 was to define and plan future SPE actions with respect to well integrity and, together with the Technical Section officers, increase the Well Integrity Technical Section visibility and member participation and make it the natural hub for all well integrity professionals. A Global Integrated Workshop series addressing well integrity issues was launched in Brazil in October 2012 and will be followed by workshops in Qatar and Europe in early 2013.  Subsequent workshops will be held in Canada, Russia, and Malaysia/Indonesia. With “Value Proposition of Well Integrity” as a collective theme, an outline of required competencies and a ‘good practices’ manual is anticipated.  If you have an interest in this area, I encourage you to join the Well Integrity Technical Section to network with your peers, learn and/or contribute. The scope of well integrity is multidisciplinary going beyond simply the phase of drilling and completing the well as it encompasses the full well life cycle from design to abandonment.

In 2012, a series of webinars were staged covering technical topics of interest to the Drilling and Completion community.  The speakers and topics were well received, attracting an average of over 150 participants per event.  New webinar announcements will be posted in early 2013.  In the meantime, please feel free to join one of the past web event archives at SPE Web Events.

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