Projects, Facilities and Construction Events at ATCE 2012

Here is a summary of Projects, Facilities and Construction events to be held at this year’s ATCE, 8-10 October in San Antonio, Texas. Click here for registration information.

Monday, 8 October 1400–1700 Paper Session – Enhancement of Facilities Technology
This session presents various operators’ experience to improve the facilities’ performance with the target to optimize design, extend the lifetime of the existing facilities, and improve the economics of the development. The session covers many facility applications such as water handling equipment, gas development, and application to abandon facilities.
Monday, 8 October 1930–2200 Special Event – Learnings from Facilities Megaprojects Dinner

This event will recognize some of the largest and most innovative projects from a projects, facilities, and construction standpoint.  Join us to benefit from the lessons learned from these challenging projects. Invited panelists will describe the effort that went into the concept, design, execution, and production of the following select projects: installation of massive production facilities in a short time span for several million BOPD in Saudi Arabia; large offshore facilities in Brazil; pioneering of deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico; and the Canadian oil sands projects in Alberta.Sponsored by:


Tuesday, 9 October 0830–1155 Technical Panel Session – Challenges in Projects, Facilities, and Construction
This session will focus on the challenges that engineers and managers in the Projects, Facilities and Construction discipline are facing now and are likely to face over the next five years. Panelists will discuss the technical challenges and risks in bringing projects to completion in a timely and cost effective manner. The session will also address issues facing PF&C discipline professionals, as well as opportunities for individuals to move into exciting new areas, including the skills required and what they can expect in terms of demand for their knowledge.
Tuesday, 9 October 1400–1700 Paper Session – Facilities Technology Applications
Technology application is always a question of selecting the right technology to fit for the field facilities. This session comprises an interesting selection of topical development concerns. In some cases, selected technology has to be changed for the appropriate application.
Wednesday, 10 October 0830–1155 Special Event – Knowledge Sharing on Separations
Reliable separation is becoming an enabling technology to develop remote location resources (e.g. arctic, deepwater, and subsea) and more difficult applications (e.g. heavy oil, produced water, and sand disposal). Separations expertise is scattered around the globe without opportunities to share separation technology, fundamental research, and device qualification, or network to discuss common problems. The SPE Separations Technology Section will help address these challenges by organizing events, capturing lessons learned, and eventually fostering some JIPs. This session covers separation topics ranging from issues with conventional separator design to emerging technology trends.

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