The Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A) Holds a “Launch” Reception at ATCE

The Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A) held a “Launch” Reception at the Iron Cactus Grill in San Antonio on 8 October 2012, during this years Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). To commemorate this event, a short article was written in SPE’s ATCE TODAY.

If you are a member of this Technical Section but have not participated in the online communities site recently, you will notice a welcome change. Please visit the new communities site and update your profile at:

To join this exciting new group, or to request more information, please contact Any Santos directly at


Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) Symposium

The SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) and IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee (ART) will hold another exciting half day symposium on advances in drilling systems automation.


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Projects, facilities, and construction professionals—if you haven’t joined SPE yet, you’re missing out on the resources that could help you meet the increasing demands of your job.


Welcome to New Technical Director: Reservoir Descriptions and Dynamics

Olivier Houzé is the managing director of KAPPA Engineering. He joined Flopetrol-Johnston in 1983, and served as a well test field engineer in the Middle East and a software project leader in France. He cofounded KAPPA in 1987 and has been its managing director since 1991. Houzé has been involved in numerous SPE forums and [...]


Welcome to New Technical Director: Productions and Operations

I am excited and honored to be serving as SPE’s Technical Director for Production and Operations (P&O). My entire 20-year career has covered all aspects of P&O, ranging from supervising fracturing treatments in Northern Canada to completing failure analysis investigations on electric submersible pumping systems in South America. Call me biased, but I cannot imagine a better discipline [...]


Meet the 2012 SPE Projects, Facilities, and Construction Award Winner

Carlos F. Mastrangelo, Petrobras, Houston, Texas, USA
Considered by most of his peers and specialists in the oil industry as the right person responsible for the concept’s definition, going back to 1980s, that made popular the Petrobras way and worldwide use of FPSO’s used as permanent production system. He was responsible for the first FPSO that opened a window for use of this concept as a definitive system and for the biggest turret basic design with 75 risers. He was recognized by SPE Brazilian Section in 2005 as the engineer of the year for his contribution to the development of offshore facilities.


Meet the 2012 SPE Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Award Winner

Clarion E. Johnson, ExxonMobil, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Clarion has been an active leader in the health community for SPE. He has twice been co-chair for Health Subcommittee on the SPE International HSE Conference Committee as well as a member for each conference. He is currently on the HSSE/SR Advisory Committee and works to get the industry’s doctors involved in SPE events. One of the most significant contributions is the work that Clarion and ExxonMobil have done for malaria awareness and prevention in our industry.


Meet the 2012 SPE Drilling Engineering Award Winner

Kenneth E. Gray, University of Texas, Austin, Texas USA
Kenneth E. Gray built a research center and conducted pioneering research on bit tooth impact mechanics under pressure and 3-D rock behavior under 3-D stresses. Additionally, Gray has developed techniques for simultaneous measurement of rock parameters for variable stress paths, designed core bits for Apollo Program, and introduced the concept of Dynamic Density Control for improving HSE footprints of every drilling rig on land or water.


Meet the 2012 SPE Completions Optimization and Technology Award

Hazim H. Abass, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
For his pioneering work on coning-based completion, oriented perforation, non-planar hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells, acid vs. proppant fracturing in carbonate formation, sanding tendency, and directed fracturing, Hazim Abass has earned regional & international SPE awards, company awards,10 patents, more than 45 papers, contribution to 3 industrial books, and more than 500 citations.


Meet the 2012 SPE Production and Operations Award Winner

John C. Patterson, ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas, USA
John Patterson has made tremendous contributions to the Oil & Gas industry and in particular in the fields of production optimization, artificial lift and gas separation resulting in new industry and academic standards as well as effective tools for operating companies.

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