Subsea Standardization: Finding Common Ground

Mark your calendars for SPE’s workshop, “Subsea Standardization: Finding Common Ground,” which will take place in San Antonio, Texas, 9–10 April 2013. Topics include the current states of operators’ and suppliers’ efforts and discussion of processes for achieving subsea standardization, covering quality, welding, and materials. Service data objectives, joint industry projects, and a list of potential milestones and deliverables will be considered.


Standardization in Underwater Facilities Engineering

Paul Jones, subsea manager at Chevron, writes about the dream of an ultimate subsea system in Oil and Gas Facilities. One path to this system is an architecture that is compact and modular—a plug-and-play architecture with common interfaces that can be configured over the full life cycle of the field. Each component’s performance would be understood, enabling fit-for-purpose designs to be deployed when required. Read the column here.


Call for Papers Open for ATCE 2013

ATCE 2013 will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana on 30 September-2 October, and now is the time to submit paper proposals for consideration in the conference program. Submit a paper proposal outlining your PFC-related technical advancement, new method, case study, or practical application by 28 January 2013 online at


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