Attend SPE Web Event—Foaming in Separators: Handling and Operation by Wally Georgie

Learn what foam is, how it is generated, and the effects of foam in a separator. Designing for foamy crudes in a new horizontal separator will be discussed in this 90-minute webinar from an expert with 35 years’ experience in oil and gas processing.


SPE Junior Research Award Winners present cutting edge research projects

In 2012, SPE International awarded funds to six young faculty members to carry out cutting edge research. These six were selected from a large number of extremely competitive applicants. The project is now finishing one year.


SPE Web Event on Hydraulic Fracturing: Environmental and Occupational Health Challenges, 5 June by Michael Parker

Attend this presentation for a review of the ongoing study and advocacy efforts being led by the American Petroleum Institute (API), focusing on EPA’s national hydraulic fracturing study and their work in Pavillion Wyoming. The ultimate outcomes of EPA’s work on these two studies will have significant influence on how hydraulic fracturing operations will be conducted in the future.

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