SPE Water Lifecycle Workshop

Water management is a hot topic in the petroleum industry, impacting many operational aspects from access and resource protection to production and treatment. This workshop will touch upon all aspects of the operation with special consideration to a holistic approach in water management and conservation.


Join us for a 90-minute webinar on Deliquification of Horizontal Wells, 30 October

Discussions by Scott Campbell, Rajan Chokshi, Bill Lane, and Stephan Turk will begin with applications of horizontal distribution, liquid loading, and more.


R&D Technical Section Topical Luncheon Panel Session at ATCE

The SPE Research and Development Technical Section will host a special topical luncheon to facilitate focused dialogue on Production Monitoring and Control System Technologies. In a series of informative and thought provoking presentations, a panel of industry experts will discuss current uses and future opportunities for these technologies as well as outline the various R&D challenges and needs that must be addressed to overcome their present limitations. A panel question and answer session will follow the presentations.


R&D Technical Section Dinner at ATCE

This event will feature a presentation about technology development and the need for more radical innovation to meet the future challenges in the oil and gas industry.


Wellbore Positioning Technical Section Topical Luncheon at ATCE

The risk involved with well position calculations can often be seen as difficult to quantify. This luncheon will look at some Best Practices that can improve the odds of success, including paying attention to magnetization of your drilling motors and BHA components.


SPE Webinar: Hydraulic Fracture Identification and Production Log Analysis in Unconventionals Using DTS by Kyle Friehauf

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) data delivers a unique opportunity in unconventional wells because both completion and production diagnostics can result from a single intervention. Attend this 90-minute webinar on 11 December to learn more.


Upcoming Web Event: Environmental Risk Arising From Well Construction Failure, 5 November

George E. King will explain concepts of well construction with an emphasis on performance of properly constructed barriers within the well design in preventing leaks.


Featured Web Event: Defoaming Additives in Horizontal Multiphase Flow—Impact on Flow Regime and Separations by Omar K. Matar, 16 September

Register now for this 90-minute lecture on the effect of surfactant on stratified and stratifying gas-liquid flow.


Featured SPE Web Event: Artificial Intelligence Applications in the E&P Industry and an Example of Short-Term Production Prediction Using Neural Networks

Join Luigi Saputelli on 16 October for a 90-minute webinar presenting a case study to predict liquid rate and water cut performance using neural networks (NN) in a mature reservoir with more than 20% water cut.

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