Flow Assurance Technical Section

Flow Assurance Engineer—What are our Career Expectations?

SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section Presents

Flow Assurance Engineer—What are our Career Expectations?

Presenter: Doreen Chin, PhD, PE, ASME Fellow

When: Tuesday, 15 April from 1100 to 1300 hours CDT
Where: Norris Conference Center, CityCenter • 816 Town & Country Street #210 • Houston, TX 77024
Registration Fee: SPE Member = USD 40, Nonmember = USD 50

This presentation will discuss:

  1. Flow Assurance Science vs. Flow Assurance Engineering
  2. The integrated role of Flow Assurance engineer in development projects
  3. Flow Assurance Engineering in various phases of the projects
  4. Flow Assurances Engineer – Career Expectations

Program Agenda

1100–1130: Registration and Networking
1130–1300: Lunch
1200–1300: Presentation and Q&A

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