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Web Events

Web Event: “Getting To Zero – The Road to Stavanger” – Europe

Tune into the upcoming Web Event “Getting to Zero Series: The Road to Stavanger – Europe,” presented by Jack Hinton and John Karish on 26 August, to hear how  Baker Hughes established their Perfect HSE Day.

The online event will detail the remarkable results it provided, such as quadrupling their number of incident-free days in only two years and achieving the equivalent of a perfect quarter in 2014.

The SPE Gulf Coast Section is hosting this interactive session to initiate the industry’s conversation as to how we can eliminate HSE incident occurrence. This is the third in a series of events that will culminate in a workshop that will be held in conjunction with the 2016 SPE International HSE Conference in Stavanger.

Web Events

Web Event: Growing Energy Challenges

Hear a web event on “Proposed Technologies to Address E&P’s Growing Energy Challenges” on 8 September. The oil and gas E&P industry faces big challenges to meet the world’s fast-growing energy needs and we don’t have all the answers. To address these situations, SPE held a Research & Development Competition specifically to encourage researchers from the basic sciences and other engineering disciplines to engage in our challenges. This webinar will feature the three winning projects that address these challenges. The featured speakers will be Vaihab Bahadur (first place) and Omar Laghrouche (third place).

Web Events

Web Event: Global Communication Strategies

Join a web event on “Strategies for Global Communication in the Oil and Gas Industry” presented by Lori Dalrymple on 3 September. As companies expand across the globe, challenges to communications grow as well. To work effectively with others from different cultures, the first step is to recognize and understand differences, then deal sensitively with people from other backgrounds. This presentation will teach effective strategies for global communication in the industry.

Web Events

Web Event: How to Present Your Paper

In an effort to assist authors in their paper presentations at conferences, SPE is offering the Web Event “How to Present Your Paper” with member and host Byron Haynes,  Jr., P.E. Byron will take the author from preparation to delivery within the presentation process and will field questions from participants following the Web Event.


Understanding Communities: A Key to Project Success

Many factors can influence public perception of the oil and gas industry and the projects we develop. Increasingly, public acceptability can make or break our license to operate. Engineers and other technical leaders frequently view the problem as one that can be overcome with public education.

But education can only be successful if we first achieve a level of trust within the community. Building trust requires developing an understanding of the community. One of the most important approaches is for operators to understand the needs and expectations of the communities where we operate, and for project teams to educate themselves about the expectations of the local community that will be impacted by a project.

Each community is unique; the challenges are multifaceted. Join Trey Shaffer (SPE HSSE-SR Technical Director) and Howard Duhon (SPE PFC Technical Director) during this session at ATCE 2015 as they explore some notable industry efforts in community engagement and education as well as critical success factors for effective community engagement. Learn more about ATCE and register here.


Director’s Note: Mark Your Calendar for “Getting to Zero”

Greetings! Please make plans to attend our upcoming SPE HSSE-SR Study Group Meeting on 30 June at the Petroleum Club of Houston. We are pleased to host Jack Hinton, Vice President of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) for Baker Hughes, and John Karish, Corporate Director of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) for Ensco plc, who will be discussing “Getting to Zero,” the journey to achieve zero workplace incidents. This event is the first in a series culminating in the “Getting to Zero” Global Integrated Workshop at the 2016 SPE International HSE Conference in Stavanger, Norway. Please circulate this invitation to your personal network and mark your calendar to join us on 30 June.

Topic: “Getting to Zero,” a journey to achieve zero workplace incidents, is not a new initiative in the oil and gas industry. For the past five years, SPE has taken a leading role in organizing conversations around this initiative beginning with a workshop series in 2010. At the time, “Getting to Zero” progress was, or at least perceived to be, hindered by the lack of “alignment to the vision,” industry leadership, and human behaviors; while progress was perceived to be dependent on industry leadership, culture, and a common language of communication. Five years after this conversation began, the industry needs to recommit to “Getting to Zero,” as the trend of continual improvement appears to have recently plateaued.

SPE is hosting an interactive session, the first in a global series culminating in a Getting to Zero Global Integrated Workshop at the 2016 SPE International HSE Conference in Stavanger, Norway.  During the session, participants will hear a summary of the outputs from the 2010 and 2011 workshops. In addition, Baker Hughes will present an overview of its Perfect HSE Day, which enabled remarkable results, including quadrupling the company’s number of incident free days in only two years and achieving the equivalent of a perfect quarter in 2014.

This session’s participants will help frame subsequent “Getting to Zero – The Road to Stavanger” events leading to the 2016 Stavanger workshop, which is intended to produce a way forward for the industry; as well as create a summary of current thinking that will be published and tracked in SPE Now.  Your experience and ideas are needed to help shape the industry moving forward; and to answer and provide context to the following questions: one, what’s our baseline, and two, what’s our path forward?

Be a part of the next generation of conversation!

Speaker: Jack Hinton, Vice President of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) for Baker Hughes. He has 38 years of industry experience, which includes 26 years with Texaco as Vice President and Director of HSE, and 10 years with Baker Hughes, ensuring strategic directions drive efficiency, effectiveness and step-change to address industry HSE challenges. He holds a BS in Biology/Chemistry, a MS in Environmental Science, and a DrPH in Occupational Health; and is a Certified Industrial Hygienist. He has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas since 1984 (his alma mater), presently serves on the Management Committee of the International Oil & Gas Association (IOGP) and SPE HSSE-SR Advisory Committee, and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health since 2006.

Speaker: John Karish, Corporate Director of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) for Ensco plc, based in Houston, Texas, a position he has held for the past 9 years. He is responsible for ensuring continuous improvement in Ensco’s SHE performance. Prior to that, he served in a number of drilling, assurance and HSE roles with BP and its legacy companies. Mr. Karish has been actively involved in SPE Global E&P HSE Conferences as an author, Program Committee Co-chair and panel moderator since 2004. He was also the Steering Committee Co-chair for the 2010 SPE Forum Series – “Getting to Zero – An Incident Free Workplace: How Do We Get There?” Mr. Karish was awarded the 2013 SPE Global HSSE & SR Award. He is also a Senior Member of SPE and presently serves on the SPE HSS-SR Advisory Committee.

Date/Time: 30 June 2015, 11:30am – 1:00pm

Petroleum Club of Houston
1201 Louisiana Street, 35th Floor
Houston, Texas  77002

Event Pricing:
Members (pre-registered): $40
Non-Members / Walk-ins (registered at the event): $50
Unemployed/ Students: $10

Best regards,

Trey Shaffer
SPE Gulf Coast Section: HSSE-SR Study Group Chairman
SPE International Board of Directors: HSSE-SR Technical Director



Research & Development Technical Section Dinner at ATCE: Manufacturing for Oil and Gas

On Sunday, 27 September at ATCE, join us for this special dinner event, “Manufacturing for Oil and Gas,” featuring keynote presentations followed by an intimate discussion about modern materials and manufacturing technologies, their revolutionary impact on rapid prototyping, and their application to oil and gas development. The keynote speaker will be Sha-Chelle Manning of Pioneer Natural Resource. Learn more about ATCE and register here.


Research & Development Technical Section Plans Topical Luncheon for ATCE

The SPE Research and Development Technical Section will host a special topical luncheon at ATCE 2015 on Tuesday, 29 September, to facilitate focused dialogue on new materials, techniques, and their applications to oil and gas. In a series of informative and thought-provoking presentations, a panel of industry experts will discuss current uses and future opportunities for these technologies as well as outline the various R&D challenges and needs that must be addressed to overcome their present limitations. A panel question-and-answer session will follow the presentations. Learn more about ATCE and register here.


Explore the Impact of Cost Cutting at an ATCE Special Session

The start of this year saw most oilfield companies cut back significantly their spending plans in response to the dramatic drop in the oil price. The SPE Technical Directors have arranged a special session titled “Managing the Future Impact of Current Cost Cutting” to explore what the industry could and should be doing to minimize the impact this cost cutting will have both now and in the future. Plan to attend this special session at ATCE on Tuesday, 29 September. Register today!

Web Events

Web Event: Crew Resource Management – Rescheduled for 2 September

Listen to a web event on “Human Factors/Crew Resource Management: Perspectives for Inputs to Risk Management Framework” presented by Phil Grossweiler on 2 September. Oil and gas industry interest in applying human factors concepts in managing risk has grown significantly since the Macondo spill. The range of literature, industry studies, workshops, and presentations covering human factors (HF) topics is extensive. Crew resource management (CRM) is one of the elements of human factors also getting a lot of recent attention. This presentation will discuss and suggest several key takeaways — potential “low-hanging fruit” where human factors and CRM can help manage enterprise risk.