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Nominate a colleague for the Distinguished Lecturer Program

Have you seen a lecture on an exciting topic relevant to Management and Information? Was the speaker a leader in his or her field of expertise and an outstanding public speaker? If so, nominate them for the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program—deadline 15 March.


The Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A) Holds a “Launch” Reception at ATCE

The Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A) held a “Launch” Reception at the Iron Cactus Grill in San Antonio on 8 October 2012, during this years Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). To commemorate this event, a short article was written in SPE’s ATCE TODAY.

If you are a member of this Technical Section but have not participated in the online communities site recently, you will notice a welcome change. Please visit the new communities site and update your profile at:

To join this exciting new group, or to request more information, please contact Any Santos directly at


Meet the 2012 SPE Management and Information Award Winner

William J. Haskett, Decision Strategies, Houston, TX, USA
More than any other individual, Bill Haskett has taught the oil and gas industry how to validly evaluate the economic potential of unconventional plays. He continues to be one of the noted thought leaders in efficient/valid assessment of plays, the creation and protection of competitive advantage, and the development of robust business strategies for domestic and international opportunities.


Congratulations to the 2012 International Award Winners: Management and Information

Please join SPE in congratulating the 2012 SPE International Award recipients. The SPE Board of Directors approved the 2012 International Award recipients at their recent meeting. Seventeen international award committees recommended these winners to the board because of their outstanding and significant technical, professional, and service contributions to SPE and the petroleum industry. The winners were chosen from a pool of first rate candidates. SPE President Ganesh Thakur will present the awards to the winners at ATCE in San Antonio Texas.


Don’t miss the PD2A Technical Section Reception at ATCE

You are invited to join us for a reception to launch the NEW SPE Technical Section whose aim is to foster the application of data-driven modeling, data mining and predictive analytics in the upstream oil and gas industry, and it’s all at ATCE in San Antonio, Texas, USA. RSVP by 1 October.


Unconventional Resources

Simon Chipperfield, SPE, Team Leader, Santos

“Geology drives technology,” and “the best solutions are multidisciplinary.”

Understanding the best way to develop an unconventional reservoir requires an
understanding of the rocks and a close interaction between the geosciences and engineering.


Deepwater Projects

Jacques Braile Saliés, SPE, Drilling Manager, Queiroz
Galvão E&P

No word defines deepwater projects better than “innovation,” and on 25 February 2012, one of the most innovative field-development projects came on stream: Cas- cade and Chinook (C&C) in the US Gulf of Mexico (GOM). One well is producing from Cascade to the first floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel in the US GOM. The project brings several firsts and innovations that will be available to the entire oil industry in the near future. I would like to call attention to some of those innovations. First, the FPSO uses a detachable buoy that allows early installation of the buoy and all umbilicals before arrival of the FPSO. This feature will allow the FPSO to disconnect and sail away from hurricanes, avoiding damages to the facilities. C&C also presents the first freestanding riser in the US GOM. Subsea boosting will increase production and reduce workover costs. These examples are just a few that show inno- vation applied to a deepwater development. I believe strongly that C&C will lead the way for future development of Lower Tertiary plays in the GOM.


SPE Economics & Management Volume 4, Number 2 Available Online

i-field™ Programs Enable Operational Excellence in a Challenging Environment–Pushing the Limits of Large Data Transfer for Real-Time Monitoring and Surveillance Operations in San Joaquin Valley.
Andrei Popa, SPE, and Steve Cassidy, SPE, Chevron Corporation

Proactive Indicators To Control Risks in Operations of Oil and Gas Fields
S.O. Johnsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF, E. Okstad, SINTEF, Andreas L. Aas, JBV, and T. Skramstad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Intelligent Exploration and Appraisal Program for a Multiprospect Development
Pierre Delfiner, SPE, PetroDecisions

Regulated Self-Regulation or External Control? Effects of Different Legislative Approaches in the Petroleum Sector in Norway and Brazil
Celma Regina Hellebust, Hellebust International Consultant, and Geir Sverre Braut, SPE, Norwegian Board of Health Supervision and Stord/Haugesund University College

Using the SPE/WPC/AAPG/SPEE/SEG PRMS To Evaluate Unconventional Resources
Phillip Chan, SPE, Chance Petroleum Limited; John R. Etherington, SPE, PRA International; and Roberto Aguilera, SPE, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

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New Technical Section and TIG: Petroleum Data Driven Analytics (PD2A)

Using data as the main building block of models is the new paradigm in science and technology. A new Technical Section and Technical Interest Group (TIG) has been formed to foster the application of data-driven modeling, data mining and predictive analytics research, development and practices in upstream oil and gas.

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