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Webinar: Leading Virtual Teams from Global to Teleworking

More teams are operating virtually and the degree of virtual working could encompass a team that is spread across the globe. A number of issues become predominant for the manager in this setting. These include: managing the “them” and “us” syndrome amongst dispersed team members; motivating an individual that operates remotely from other members; creating a sense of team unity and identity; and understanding the range of national cultures that shape local individual decision making. By creating a collaborative environment, dispersed team members are encouraged to capture and share knowledge that aims at both the team and the organization’s institutional memory.

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Webinar: Gas Hydrate Testing under Flowing Conditions: Laboratory and Field Cases

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Replicating field conditions for flow assurance experiments often presents many challenges. These challenges are usually centered on designing an experiment with appropriately scaled geometry, selecting the test conditions, and reproducing the operating environment all while balancing the cost associated with the project. This presentation will provide an overview of different techniques that have been utilized at Southwest Research Institute (SwRIÒ) to study gas hydrate formation in flowing conditions from a variety of scenarios relevant to hydrocarbon production and transport.

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Webinar: Soft Skills in Hard Times

According to a recent survey by Millennial Branding and American Express, over 61% of managers consider soft skills to be more important than hard or technical skills.

Soft Skills can give you the edge to perform at your maximum abilities.

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Webinar: Piper Alpha – Accident or Predictable Surprise

Many may recall what a profound impact the industry’s worst offshore Oil & Gas incident has had on our business. Survivor Steve Rae will discuss his thoughts and experiences from Piper Alpha to hopefully influence how safety can be improved by us all as individuals through accepting personal accountability and adopting a more proactive approach.

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From the Production and Facilities Technical Director

I am truly honored to serve on the SPE International Board of Directors as the Production and Facilities Technical Director.

As announced in the SPE website, the SPE Board of Directors has realigned the Production and Operations (P&O) and Projects, Facilities, and Construction (PFC) under one technical director. SPE members will not experience any changes to existing programs or resources. The P&O and PFC disciplines’ “identities” remain unaltered.

I would like to thank my immediate predecessors; Jennifer Miskimins and Shauna Noonan (P&O) and Howard Duhon (PFC) for their work to raise the profile of both disciplines. Indeed, the SPE now provides many resources to our members including:


This is the peer-review journal for the P&O discipline.  It covers production operations, artificial lift, downhole equipment, control, multiphase flow, and related subjects.

Since its establishment in 2012, OGF has grown in stature and achieved widespread readership across SPE members of various technical disciplines; not just the PFC discipline. It is a web-only magazine, with frequently updated content. Access is free for SPE members. 

Technical Sections:

Members from both the PFC and P&O disciplines are involved in three active technical sections that organize seminars, webinars, and workshops;

  • Flow Assurance
  • Separations Technology
  • Water Handling and Management
  • SPE Connect:

This is an excellent tool to solicit advice, benefit from others’ experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation. Our members tend to be more involved in the following two discussion groups:

  • Production
  • Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Rather than have a director’s blog, I shall be writing a monthly column for Oil & Gas Facilities.

This is a challenging time for our industry and for the SPE. With the help of the Advisory Committee, made of both P&O and PFC experienced members, my main objectives are:

  • Assist the Board of Directors in guiding the SPE in these challenging times by identifying and prioritizing SPE programs that meet the members’ needs.
  • Engage and encourage the participation of our P&O and PFC members in forums, workshops, conferences, and the support of our technical sections.
  • YP (Young Professional) members are the future of SPE. There is a need to ensure their participation in various SPE activities such as writing SPE papers, chairing sessions, and volunteering for committee duties.
  • Having served twice as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, I visited many SPE sections around the world and I do appreciate the international diversity of the SPE membership. My aim is to encourage more volunteering, particularly from outside North America and Western Europe.

I look forward to serving you for the next 3 years as the technical director for Production and Facilities. If you have any suggestions of how best to serve our communities, please let me know.

Hisham Saadawi
SPE Technical Director (Production & Facilities)



Operational Flow Assurance

The presentation will cover the analysis and interpretation of operational data to understand causes of flow assurance issues and to evaluate options for recovery.

Some principles, a number of practicalities, and several examples will be covered.

The session will be of benefit both to those already in operations roles, and to those who are involved in designing new systems.

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New Online Format: Oil and Gas Facilities Magazine

The Oil and Gas Facilities magazine (OGF) is now a digital publication with a new look and feel. The redesigned site allows for more regular content and social engagement.

OGF will continue to focus on projects, facilities, and construction content including your favorite departments and staff-written features.

Best of all, it’s free to all members. Check out the online Oil and Gas Facilities magazine and sign up for the eNewsletter today.

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“Assessing the Processes, Tools, and Value of Sharing & Learning from Offshore E&P Safety-Related Data” (SPE-182847-TR)

This report was written by a steering committee of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Industry input was obtained from a summit held April 2016 in Houston as well as members from SPE online communities. This Technical Report is based on discussions and conclusions from the summit and is intended to provide guidance on an industry-wide safety management data sharing program. The overall objective of the effort is to: a) eliminate or reduce risk of harm through industry sharing of data, b) to generate information that builds knowledge, understanding and ownership, and c) to disseminate recommended corrective actions to prevent a re-occurrence. It was approved by the SPE Board of Directors in September 2016.


Webinar: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together

Anne Litwin presents “Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together” on 20 October at 0830 Central Time. In this webinar, Litwin reveals startling paradoxes that spur misunderstandings, conflict, and between women on the job, along with structural issues that can make it difficult for women to feel valued or supported. Learn powerful solutions and tools for ways male and female leaders can create work environments that truly value the contributions of both women and men.

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