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Webinar: Designing a Program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Managing a successful Information Security Program requires a plan. In this webinar, Larry will describe how participants can leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a guide to create or mature their security program. Regardless of industry, the framework provides an ideal platform for planning, communicating and validating your security approach.
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Webinar: Challenges & Success of Digital Oilfield Implementation

At the end of this webinar the following objectives will be achieved with reference to case study: Know the common challenges of Digital Oil implementation; Provide mitigations on identified DOF Implementation challenges; Map sustainability model in DOF embedment process; Manage World-Class DOF projects.
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Webinar: Risk Communication: It’s Not Just About the Facts

Understanding the principles behind risk communication will enable a company to gain public trust and credibility while effectively communicating with the audience. We will provide the tools for effective risk communication. This webinar is geared towards professionals that may need to discuss technical matters in a highly stressful or emotionally charged situation.
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Webinar: Autonomous Drones and Crawlers Combined with State-Of-The-Art Sensors Set to Take Over the O&G Monitoring Space: Learn How

This webinar will review some of the most impressive new drone sensors including; lightweight radar for beyond line of sight operation, an advanced infrared camera for aerial inspection of low to very high temperature (0° C to 1,500° C) infrastructure and real-time GPS technology accurate within 2 centimeters.
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