EOR with Emphasis on Gas and Water-Alternating-Gas Base Processes


The aim of the course is to focus on the gas/WAG-based EOR processes which is one of key commercial EOR process accounting for the largest percentage of EOR oil production in the USA today. The course will provide participant with an understanding of additional PVT requirements beyond conventional PVT for EOR study. Participants will gain an understanding of practical requirements for planning, executing and interpreting a gas based EOR simulation study. Participants will get exposure to EOR case study.

Key components of the class are:

  • Understand key phase behaviour requirements for gas/WAG EOR study
  • Plan, design and carry out dynamic compositional simulation study of gas/WAG base EOR
  • Recognise key risks/uncertainties associate with gas/WAG based EOR development
  • Case study of major EOR projects from around the world will be presented

Learning Level

Awareness to Intermediate

Why You Should Attend

To understand the value of Gas/WAG EOR in your operation. You will pick up tips on how to identify opportunities in your assets. You will also gain skills in planning Gas/WAG EOR. Simulation skills such as gridding design and designing for heterogeneity will also be covered.

Who Should Attend

This course is for all who are interested in taking asset performance and recovery factors beyond the current limits.


Son Huu Do is the Founder and Chief Engineer of 3-DOs Global Energy. For the last 25 years, Do  worked with ARCO, Shell, Maersk Oil, and 3-DOs Global Energy.  He served as senior technical leader and advisor as well as various managerial roles. Do worked extensively in EOR,  waterflood, and reservoir simulations for both carbonate and clastic reservoirs.  He has been successful in developing and executing WAG/gas injection for offshore and on shore projects. He is a leader in technological breakthroughs in EOR and 4D seismic, resulting in commercial successes.  His EOR projects included three large oil fields with combined OOIP in excess of 100 Bln stb.  Most recently, Do worked on EOR for one of the world’s largest offshore carbonate field.

In the last 25 years, Do lived and worked in seven countries, and travelled to more than 40 countries which gave him unique insight to the challenges and success associate with EOR projects across the globe.