2005 Issue

Volume 1, Number 1


A Message From 2005 SPE President Giovanni Paccaloni

President Giovanni Paccaloni introduces the publication and outlines his vision for The Way Ahead.

What’s Ahead

Editor Thomas Bruni explains how this new SPE publication will serve the needs of young professionals.

The Way Ahead Editorial Committee

An introduction about the members of The Way Ahead Editorial Committee.

The Way Ahead Interview

A conversation with Schlumberger Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Gould.


The Job Market in the Oil Business.
Young professionals discuss how they feel about their current jobs and their prospects for career advancement.

YEPP PerSPEctive

More Than a Regular Job • Michael A. Minyard comments on his career experiences.

Pillars of the Industry

How To Write Technical Papers and Journal Articles. Ron Dusterhoft, Halliburton, and Jim Giddens, Valley Forge Technical Information Services, offer a primer on writing solid technical papers.

A Changing Role for the Petrophysicist? Heriot- Watt U. professor Patrick Corbett assesses the evolving role of the petrophysicist and imagines what the future will hold.

Soft Skills

You Cannot Avoid Communicating • The rudiments of speaking and listening in personal and group settings.

Local Activities Update

A summary of young professionals’ activities in SPE’s London, Aberdeen, Delta,
Italian, and Netherlands sections.

International Activities Update

A roundup of SPE young professional events worldwide including the ATCE Leadership
Conference, the Gulf Coast Section’s ELP workshop, an education colloquium, and awards and honors recently won by SPE members.

Student Link

How SPE young professional programs are reaching out to students.