2007 Issue

Volume 3, Number 2


What’s Ahead

Editor-in-Chief Tony Thomas discusses the focus of this issue of The Way Ahead.

The Way Ahead Interview

A conversation with energy investment banker Matthew R. Simmons.

Technical Leaders

An interview with Syed A. Ali, Chevron Fellow for Chevron Energy Technology Company.

HR Advice

Alan Preston, Senior Vice President Human Resources for Chevron Corporation, discusses current challenges in attracting young talent.


Young professionals discuss the future of energy.

Economist’s Corner

Peter Jackson of Cambridge Energy Research Associates presents a macroeconomic perspective on the peak oil theory, introducing the concept of an undulating plateau.

Dennis Smith, Chief Economist of IHS Energy, analyzes the factors of upstream project commerciality.

Pillars of the Industry

University of Houston professor Michael Economides weighs in on the debate over peak oil.

Brian J. Glass and Carol Stoker of the NASA Ames Research Center describe the potential for drilling on other planets.

Soft Skills

Catherine Hick, Managing Director of TMS Development International, promotes the international language
of teamwork.

YP Activities

A roundup of YP events around the globe and a profile of the SPE Gulf Coast Section’s Emerging Leaders

Student Link

SPE Student Chapter activities and perspectives.

TWA Editorial

Deputy Editor Kristine Petrosyan spotlights the importance of understanding the main issues regarding the oil industry that are discussed in the media.