2008 Issue

Volume 4, Number 3


What’s Ahead

Comments from TWA Editor Tony Thomas.

The Way Ahead Interview

A conversation with Ceri Powell, Vice President Strategy for the Royal Dutch Shell Group.

Technical Leaders

An interview with Iman Hill, Senior Vice President, Santos Basin, BG Group.

HR Discussion

Jerri Babin of National Oilwell Varco shares her perspective on how the industry has evolved and the future
prospects for women.


Two young professionals discuss their roles and responsibilities in the energy industry.

Pillars of the Industry

Two women who have served as paragons of excellence in their respective fields share their experiences and the wisdom that they have gained while pursuing their life’s work in the in the oil and gas industry.

Soft Skills

Author Kurt Weiss walks readers through several recent studies about the importance of gender diversity within the industry, the struggles involved, and how supervisors can effectively manage gender diversity in the workplace.

Economist’s Corner

Abdurahman Benyezza, North Africa Regional Director for Eni, presents an overview on the oil and gas
industry in Tunisia, which is emerging again with a new focus on gas field development.

YP Activities

A roundup of young professionals’ events around the globe.

Student Link

SPE Student Chapter activities and perspectives.

The TWA Editorial Board

Meet the members of the 2008 editorial board.