2009 Issue

Volume 5, Number 1


A Message From 2009 SPE President Leo Roodhart

President Leo Roodhart addresses young professionals around the world.

What’s Ahead

The Oil Roller Coaster by Luis F. Ayala H., TWA Editor-in-Chief

The Way Ahead Interview

An interview with David J. O’Reilly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Corporation.

Technical Leaders

A conversation with David White, President of Schlumberger Water and Carbon Services.

HR Discussion

Neal Gillenwater, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Weatherford International, discusses the impact of oil-price volatility, the economic downturn, and motivation of employees in an uncertain business climate.


YPs comment on the drivers that help determine the price of oil.

Pillars of the Industry

Two well-known industry experts, Larry W. Lake and Rubén Caligari, discuss oil industry price cycles and the long-term outlook for energy demand.

Soft Skills

Navigating your career in times of volatile oil prices, and a few books worth mentioning to bolster the
petroleum engineer’s library.

Economist’s Corner

Two authors take a look at how oil prices can affect the global economy and strategic decisions about developing new potential sources of energy.

YP Activities

News from YP sections around the world, including Perth, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, and a report on a
creative workshop in Italy.


This new section, formerly called Student Link, debuts with a first-person account by Antonio Fernandez of how he obtained a distance-learning graduate degree in petroleum engineering.