2010 Issue

Volume 6, Number 1


What’s Ahead

Comments from the editor

HR Discussion

Former SPE President Eve Sprunt discusses generalist vs. specialist career paths.

TWA Interview

A conversation with John Yearwood, chief executive officer, president, and chief operating officer, Smith International. And an interview with Ana Zambelli, general manager, Brazil, Schlumberger

Pillars of the Industry

Linda Ames, appraisal lead for Carbon Management, BP Alternative Energy, reflects on her career path. Past SPE President Bill Cobb sheds light on getting the most out of SPE involvement.

Soft Skills

Cajetan Onu, senior reservoir geologist, Total E&P UK, talks about the importance of hard work.

Technical Leaders

Norm Warpinski, chief technology officer, Pinnacle, and Keng Seng Chan, principal engineer, Production and Reservoir Engineering, Petronas, discuss our theme of “Jack of all trades vs. Master of some: E&P vs. Service Companies.”


Young professionals speak out on energy education.

Women on the Frontline

An examination of work/life balance issues by women in the industry.

A YP Guide to…

A look at Calgary, Canada’s energy capital.

YP Newsflash

YP reports from around the globe.

YPCC Update

How to get more involved in SPE.