Current Issue

Volume 6, Number 3


What’s Ahead

Comments from TWA’s editor.

TWA Interview

Conversations with Colin Welsh, chief executive officer of investment bank Simmons & Company International in Aberdeen, and Yves-Louis Darricarrère, Total’s president of Exploration & Production in Paris.

Technical Leaders

Erwin Kroemer of ExxonMobil and Steven Burton, a University of Texas director of MBA programs, discuss continuing-education programs that work, what doesn’t work, and what is valued and useful to the industry.


Social networking and online collaboration in the oil and gas industry.

Tech 101

Consultant Ali Daneshy presents an overview of hydraulic fracturing.

Discover a Career

Christine A. Ehlig-Economides discusses what a career in pressure-transient testing is like.

Stuart Burley, head of Geoscience at Cairn Energy India, on taking advantage of continuing-education opportunities.

Pillars of the Industry

Turgay Ertekin, a professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at Penn State University, and William R. Rossen, a professor of Reservoir Engineering at Delft University of Technology, talk about learning after college and opportunities in graduate study.

HR Discussion

An interview with Professor Joseph A. Ajienka of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Women on the Frontline

Three women in advanced graduate studies talk about their work and how to attract more young women into science.

A YP’s Guide to …

What it is like to live and work in Perth, Australia.

YP Newsflash

Coverage of young professionals events around the world.

Your Best Shot

Readers submit their best photos.