Current Issue

Volume 8, Number 2


What’s Ahead

Perspective from TWA’s editor

TWA InterAct

Letters to the editor.

TWA Interview

Aidan Heavey, chief executive officer of independentTullow Oil.

HR Discussion

Chevron’s Eve Sprunt and Susan Howes discuss results of an SPE survey on dual-career couples.

Tech 101

Well test analysis in practice.

Pillars of the Industry

Harry Simons of Hess Corporation ponders: Who provides the better
career—independents or majors?

YPCC Interviews

Interviews with three award-winning YPs.

Soft Skills

Results of a survey that examines job satisfaction in the oil and gas

A YP's Guide To...

What it is like to live and work in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SPE 101

An overview of the various types of forums, conferences, workshops, and training sessions SPE provides.


Explore the win-win partnership that exists between academia and independents.

Technical Leaders

An interview with Jon Ferrier of Maersk Oil and Chris Widell of Anadarko gives insight into independents.

Discover a Career

Opportunities in petroleum reservoir simulation.

YP Newsflash

Coverage of young professionals’ events around the globe.

Your Best Shot

Readers submit their best on-the-job photos.