Current Issue

Volume 8, Number 3


What’s Ahead

Perspective from TWA’s editor-in-chief.

TWA InterAct

Responses to TWA content sent via social media.

TWA Interview

Conversation with J. Michael Yeager, chief executive officer of BHP Billiton Petroleum.

SPE 101

Overview of the SPE eMentoring program, which facilitates knowledge transfer and career guidance.

HR Discussion

Chevron’s Susan Howes and Elizabeth Schwarze discuss how to manage your career.

Economist's Corner

A look at company valuation—oil and gas vs. other sectors.

Technical Leaders

A cross-industry interview with Ray Miessler, Johnson Space Center; James Pappas, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America; and Jennifer Wheler, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Tech 101

Simulation and uncertainty: lessons from other industries.

Soft Skills

A survey looking at work/life balance in the 21st century.

Discover a Career

Apache’s George E. King talks about well completions engineering.

A YP's Guide to...

What it is like to live and work in San Francisco, California, USA.

YP Newsflash

Coverage of young professionals’ events around the globe.

Your Best Shot

Opportunities in petroleum reservoir simulation.