Current Issue

Volume 9, Number 3


What's Ahead

Final column from this year’s TWA editor-in-chief, Todd Willis.

TWA InterAct

Responses to TWA content sent via social media.

TWA Interview

Interview with Martin Craighead, chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes.

HR Discussion

The power of small when the small is really big.


A discussion of mature oil fields focusing on preventing decline.

Response to JPT Editorial

TWA’s Todd Willis and David Vaucher respond to a JPT editorial.

Pillars of the Industry

Shell’s Salil Banerjee talks about the challenges of mature oil fields.

SPE 101

How SPE awards are not just for “seasoned” professionals.

Discover a Career

Shell’s Hamed Soroush talks about geomechanics—the oil and gas
industry’s missing link.

Technical Leaders

Chevron’s Thais McComb and the University of Wyoming’s Brian Towler give their perspectives on tackling mature field development.

Soft Skills

A two-part discussion of how ethics and integrity matter in the workplace.

Tech 101

Schlumberger’s Kenny Campbell and Rod Smith talk about permanent well abandonment.


A discussion of how soap is used to revive mature oil fields.

A YP's Guide to...

Find out more about Mexico’s capital city, Mexico City.

YPCC Update

Outgoing YPCC chair Deepak M. Gala talks about awards, a new YP network site, a video library, and more.

YP Newsflash

Coverage of young professionals’ events throughout the world..

Your Best Shot

The best on-the-job photos from reader submissions.