Petroleum Engineering Certification Subcommittee Position

Deliverables and Expectations

Write exam problems within the structure of their assigned technical discipline and participate in cross discipline reviews. The Exam Coordinator assembles the exam and conducts a pre-test session as a quality control measure for each exam.

Qualifications and Experience

Prefer licensed by exam engineers in all technical disciplines.

Expected Time Commitment

The committee conducts a minimum of one physical meeting, along with 3 to 4 teleconferences. Additionally, members are required to spend, on average, 10 to 20 hours writing exam problems outside of the committee meeting.

About the committee

The Subcommittee works with the Engineering Professionalism Committee to facilitate the certification of interested petroleum engineers. It is responsible for the preparation and scoring of the SPE Petroleum Professional Certification examinations.

The Subcommittee is composed of 15 members, with 5 members appointed each year by the President-elect for 4-year terms.

  • Terms of office expire in September/October of year indicated in the Subcommittee listing. The Chair and Vice-Chair are appointed annually by the President-elect for a 1-year term and normally are selected from among the members beginning the third and second years of their terms, respectively.
  • The immediate past Chair of the Subcommittee serve as members ex-officio.
  • Outgoing Subcommittee members including ex-officio committee members who have developed certain expertise in committee activities for which the committee has current need may be invited to continue their committee service for an additional year as members ex-officio.
  • The Exam Coordinator is appointed by the Chair each year.

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