Energy Information Ambassador

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Conduct presentations at a variety of events, identified by the SPE, including teacher forums, public officials, targeted media and civic groups.
  • Discuss the historical, current and future importance of oil and gas to the total energy mix.
  • Talk about the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of a career in petroleum engineering.
  • Provide information to promote the importance of petroleum engineering and its long-term role in our planet’s future
  • Serve as a liaison/spokesperson between the SPE and its various communities to enhance the industry’s image.
  • Maintain phone, and email communications with key groups in preparation for speaking engagements.
  • Network with other members to attract other Energy Information Ambassadors

Qualifications and Experience

An SPE Energy Ambassador is recruited by Energy Information Committee members, based on personal knowledge of their speaking skills. An ambassador is an experienced and articulate senior-level engineer or manager.

Expected Time Commitment

Goal is one speaking engagement per year. The time involved includes a short orientation at ATCE for new ambassadors. For each speaking engagement, the ambassador spends about 4 hours of preparation time, and about one-half day on the actual day of a local speaking opportunity.  Some ambassadors are requested to travel to a location, which requires a minimum of one full day for short trips, or as much as two full days for more distant locations.

About the committee

The Energy Information Ambassador will be charged with presenting balanced information about the value of the petroleum industry and its importance to the quality of life. The Ambassador is an experienced and articulate executive who will act as a spokesperson and educator for specialized speaking opportunities identified by SPE.

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