Energy Information Committee Position

Deliverables and Expectations

A committee member performs the following duties while serving on the committee:

  • Provides input and guidance on the kinds of information SPE should provide to the students and the public, and ideas for new programs that help pre-university students and the public to become informed energy consumers, and build awareness about career opportunities
  • Reviews materials  provided to students and the public for technical accuracy
  • Makes presentations as needed to select audiences on energy education topics
  • Helps promote SPE’s energy education programs and initiatives to SPE members and other colleagues
  • Helps in development of communications strategies and programs to reach

Qualifications and Experience

Members have a demonstrated interested in public energy education through their local section or region.

Expected Time Commitment

Participates in one meeting per year at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, and 3 to 4 teleconferences per year, with the rest of the communications handled by email.

About the committee

The Energy Information Committee serves to guide and promote the Society’s global programs and activities to inform students and the general public about the value the petroleum industry provides to the quality of our everyday lives. This will be primarily an advisory committee, which will receive substantial staff support from SPE.

The goal of the SPE Energy Information Committee is to create and promote the use of targeted materials and programs providing credible, balanced information to students, teachers and the global public that

  • demonstrates the benefits provided by the oil and natural gas industry for the public in a manner that can be easily understood and that appeals to their values
  • demonstrates the historical, current and future importance of oil and gas to the total energy mix
  • demonstrates the roles, responsibilities, and benefits of a career in petroleum engineering, and
  • provides information to promote the long-term positives associated with the petroleum industry.

This committee is responsible for developing career-related materials for pre-university students.


The committee comprises up to nine (9) members, with three (3) members appointed each year by the President-elect for up to three-year terms. The chairperson is appointed by the President-elect, usually from those persons serving their final year on the committee. The committee includes a young professional member, a member of academia and a representative from the Board of Directors.

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