Editorial Review - Technical Editor

Deliverables and Expectations

Review papers assigned to them by an Associate Editor. Provide specific comments in support of their recommended decision. Provide sufficient detail that an author will understand any changes being requested or the rationale for the decision. Respond to requests for review and complete reviews in a timely manner. Technical Editors are expected to complete their review of an assigned paper within 30 days of accepting the assignment.

Qualifications and Experience

All persons associated with the editorial review process are expected to have a broad general knowledge of the field of petroleum engineering and in the area of their specified review some expertise. They are expected to have a knowledge of and keep up on the literature in their area of expertise. It is preferred that Technical Editors have authored a paper that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal (SPE's or other). This experience with the process helps Technical Editors to understand the process and how their comments to an author may be perceived. It is helpful if technical editors attend at least one training session on the process.

Expected Time Commitment

Technical Editors join a pool of reviewers covering the breadth of industry expertise. The expertise of the editor will likely dictate the amount of time they spend, as more papers are submitted on popular topics. Some persons who volunteer may not be asked to review a paper very often because no new papers have been submitted for topics in their area of expertise. Others may be asked to review 1 or 2 papers per month and can expect to spend up to 8 hours on each depending upon the total length, number of references, charts, figures, and equations.

Technical Editors have the option to decline a request for review when their workload or personal commitments would prevent them from submitting a timely review. However, repeated declines of invitations would likely lead to Associate Editors preferring to select other reviewers in the future.

About the committee

The committee reviews technical papers submitted to SPE and selects those that will be published in SPE's peer-reviewed journals. Technical Editors review papers and submit comments and recommendations to accept, revise, or decline papers to an Associate Editor.

The committee comprises the Editor-in-Chief, 8 Executive Editors, and a flexible number of Associate Editors who manage the review of papers in their areas of expertise. Technical Editors serve as reviewers.

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