Forum Series Implementation Committee Position

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Report to the SPE Forum Series Coordinating Committee (FSCC) on matters involving Forums
  • Solicit from the Society membership, including Technical Directors, section officers and Forum participants, topics for future Forums;
  • Identify, recommend topics and draft abstracts for Forums for the following year to the FSCC for review and comment, and for subsequent submittal to the SPE Board for approval at the February/March meeting;
  • Identify and submit recommendations for chairpersons of approved Forums in the area of responsibility to the FSCC; such recommendations as approved are submitted to the SPE Board annually at the June meeting;
  • Confirm FSIC Liaison and review with the chairpersons of each Forum the plans and scheduling for individual Forums; providing regular reports to the FSCC on the status of planning for each Forum;
  • Attend or participate by teleconference individual Forum Steering Committee meetings and ensure that the scheduling and planning for each Forum is handled in accordance with policies and guidelines adopted by the SPE Board; making scheduling and format decisions regarding individual Forums consistent with the Board-approved documents and advising the chairperson of the FSCC of such actions;
  • Review results of each Forum and submit recommendations to the FSCC for revisions to Forum Series guidelines and policies approved by the FSCC, such recommendations are submitted to the SPE Board;
  • Attend the Forum itself and act as coach and mentor to the Steering Committee.
  • Prepare and submit an annual report on the Forums held in the area of responsibility. The report should include the number for Forums held, Forum topics, and evaluations to each Forum by participants, the Forum chairperson, and other Steering Committee members.
  • Participate in 2 meetings a year with one held at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. The second meeting for FSIC-EH is usually held during the Offshore Europe and the second meeting for FSIC-WH is usually held in December.
  • Review and evaluate past Forums
  • Submit recommendations on how to improve the Forum Series to FSCC

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong desire to see the Forum Series meet the goals set out in the Forum Series Guidelines
  • Prefer experience as a chairperson of a Forum steering committee
  • Prefer past involvement in multiple Forums

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend 2 meetings per year of the FSIC (i.e., one in the last quarter of calendar year to review current year Forums and one during first quarter of calendar year to review topic proposals and select Forum topics to be submitted to the FSCC for future year).
  • As Liaison from FSIC to a Forum steering committee, coach the Forum Chairperson, and attend or participate by teleconference individual Forum Steering Committee meetings to ensure that the scheduling and planning for each Forum is handled in accordance with policies and guidelines adopted by the SPE Board.
  • Attend the Forum itself as Liaison from the FSIC.

About the committee

The committee is responsible for implementing the SPE Forum Series program, including the planning and conduct of Forums under policies and guidelines approved by the SPE Board of Directors.

The Forum Series Implementation Committees consist of 6 to 9 members. There are presently 2 implementation committees--one for the Western Hemisphere and one for the Eastern Hemisphere. Appointments are made by the President-elect; terms are 3 years. The chairperson is appointed by the President-elect, usually from among members of the committee. The chairperson also serves as a member of the Forum Series Coordinating Committee. Ideally, committee members should have extensive experience with the Forum Series.

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