Forums Steering Committee

About the Forums Steering Committee

Forum Chairperson(s) form a Steering Committee to develop the technical program for the Forum. It is important that the Committee represent both a level of expertise needed and can suggest the relevant persons that should attend the Forum.

Through the data from the volunteer database and other resources, the Steering Committee Chairperson(s) invite members to the join the Committee.

Criteria for Committee members include:

  • Technical knowledge of the subject
  • Connections within the oil and gas or relevant industries
  • Availability to attend Steering Committee meetings
  • Geographic and company representation. The Committee should include a cross-section of the Forum’s audience to ensure all pertinent viewpoints are covered and connections exist to solicit potential Discussion Leaders and attendees. Forums are international. The Steering Committee should reflect this fact.
  • Act as a Session Manager for one of the nine Forum sessions

Qualifications and Experience

The Forum Chairperson(s):

  • Will select Steering Committee members, looking for those who are committed and well connected (both within and outside the industry) and able to involve solid Discussion Leaders
  • Should be able to balance the composition of the Steering Committee
  • Select committee members based on:
    • Knowledge on the subject (but not experts or gurus)
    • Well‐connected individuals within the industry
    • Self‐confidence and self‐motivation, and who can control an unruly session effectively
    • Target technical managers who make things happen
    • Ability to attend the committee meetings and forum
    • Geographical and company representation (service company members tend to know more people)
    • Properly weighed composition of both expertise and diversity
  • Plan for about 12-15 committee members, so that this number allows some committee members to act as Session Managers as well
  • Contact a relevant SPE Technical Advisory Committee to identify individuals who are interested in joining the Steering Committee
  • Consult the Forum Series Liaison if assistance is needed
  • Establish objectives at the first Steering Committee meeting, and orchestrate the planning of the 9 sessions of the forum based on the abstract of the forum

The Forum Steering Committee members:

  • Must have technical knowledge and industry contacts to contribute to the development of the technical program
  • Should have a strong desire to see the Forum Series meet the goals set out in the Forum Series Guidelines
  • Have preferably a past involvement in at least one Forum

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Participate in creating the technical program based on the forum abstract
  • May act as a Session Manager
  • Select and invite Discussion Leaders
  • Promote the event by inviting relevant attendees

Expected Time Commitment

The Steering Committee member can expect to attend, in person or by phone, at least 4-5 meetings over a 7-9 month period, as well as attend the 5-day forum.

Steering Committee members may spend an additional 3 to 5 hours managing their sessions by inviting Discussion Leaders and reviewing their discussion content.

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